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K9 Handler / Security - CSK9 Cargo Screening
Title:K9 Handler / Security - CSK9 Cargo Screening
Division:Vapor Wake VWK9

CARGO SCREENING K9 ALLIANCE and VAPOR WAKE K9 are currently seeking experienced K9 Handlers in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Honolulu. Qualified personnel will possess characteristics and traits, such as self-control, patience, self-discipline, maturity, attention to detail, and a neat and professional appearance. The handler must be of unquestionable integrity and display a mature responsible attitude and exercise good judgment.

Personnel must have a minimum of two (2) years of documented successful experience in security, law enforcement, military service, or commercial industry security. Additionally, personnel must have a minimum of one (1) year of documented successful experience as a certified Explosives Detection Dog (EDD) handler.

Personnel must be able to pass all screening to confirm eligibility and ability to successfully pass the TSA background checks and assessments.

Scope of Work. EMPLOYEE shall complete the tasks, obligations, and responsibilities as an experienced K-9 Handler for Cargo Screening K9 Alliance at the designated operational area. CSK9 Handlers are to work as part of a team to inspect cargo in conjunction with client and airport authorities. The Canine Handler performs their duties while commanding a trained explosive detection cargo screening working dog that has met certification standards. Teams will be required to search cargo for the client to identify explosive threats. The handler will be responsible for maintaining training records to maintain certification. The handler will be responsible for housing, care and maintenance of the assigned canine. The handler may be required to work additional hours as directed.

General Duties and Responsibilities
  • EMPLOYEE will be knowledgeable of the instructions set forth in the CSK9 Employee Handbook and specific instructions for the assigned contract position.
  • EMPLOYEE will be fluid and flexible in adapting to rapidly changing situations.
  • EMPLOYEE must at all times follow the instructions of the LEAD K9 Handler or his or her designee.
  • EMPLOYEE may be required to assist in operational tasks such as supervision, logistics, administration and training if and when requested by the LEAD K9 Handler or his or her chain-of-command.
  • EMPLOYEE will be responsible for performing under and observing all applicable policies, laws and regulations of CSK9, the client, Contracting Agency, and U.S., state, and federal laws.
  • EMPLOYEE will perform in a reasonable manner all other duties assigned by his or her Supervisor.
  • EMPLOYEE will do all things necessary or desirable to maintain and improve his or her professional skills.
  • EMPLOYEE will perform in a diligent and timely manner such duties as set forth herein, and such other duties as CSK9 and EMPLOYEE may, from time to time, agree.
Position Specific Duties, Responsibilities, and Requirements. Responsibilities of the EMPLOYEE include , but are not limited to:
  • Conducting daily maintenance for their assigned K9. This includes maintaining assigned K9’s diet; Substantial weight loss or gains should be recorded immediately and reported to the LEAD K9 Handler
  • Conducting daily health checks/grooming on assigned K9; Reporting any discrepancies or irregularities to the LEAD K9 Handler;
  • Adhering to the daily post schedule, duty roster and or training schedule, and being in the proper uniform and on time.
  • Conducting periodic checks on the assigned K9 to ensure the K9 has adequate water and reporting any irregularities or safety issues to the LEAD K9 Handler;
  • Strictly adhering to CSK9 SOPs while working post, and understanding and complying with Post Orders.
  • Properly maintaining assigned K9 equipment, and conducting periodic inspections to ensure equipment is safe and in good working condition.
  • Thoroughly knowing, applying, and reporting response procedures, and documenting all K9 responses that occur while working post. Immediately reporting to the PM and generate necessary documentation.
  • Documentation training records daily. Ensuring required K9 training hours are met on a weekly basis.
  • Utilizing EMPLOYEE’S assigned K9 as directed by the LEAD K9 Handler, or his or her designee, in support of operations. Utilization will consist of K9 Explosives searches associated with the site specific SOPs. Utilization will also consist of remaining practice with detection training at your assigned Cargo Screening location;
  • Maintaining all certifications and employment standards, including, but not limited to, maintaining and complying with the employment standards contained in any and all regulations, pamphlets, and clearances, and to include the CSK9 Employee Handbook.
Physical Demands of the CSK9 Alliance Handler
  • Dynamically lift (start at floor in static positions and lift through task) an actual dog, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, weighing approximately 90 lbs. to a height up to 60”.
  • Dynamically lift an actual crate, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, with or without an actual dog or a reasonable facsimile, to a height up to 60”.
  • Dynamically lift an actual 40 lbs. dog food bag up to 30” and dump into a container.
  • Dynamically push an actual crate or a reasonable facsimile, with or without an actual dog or a reasonable facsimile, on a table, desk, or other flat surface.
  • Carry an actual dog or a reasonable facsimile weighing up to 90 lbs. for a distance of 25’.
  • Kneel (on one or both knees) and squat for a sustained period up to at least one – two minutes.
  • Intermittently walk on a treadmill and stair master for 30 minutes. Rotate between the treadmill and stair master every 5 – 10 minutes changing speed and elevation.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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